Martha is a writer, composer and performer, with Norman and Provencal origins, resident in Le Havre. Initially trained in violin and composition at the conservatory, she began singing her songs on piano on Parisian stages in 2017.

Inspired by English-language pop rock music, his lyrics originally written in English evoke personal emancipation. Martha then wrote her texts in parallel with her job as a psychologist.

During her artistic journey, she discovered poems sung by nuns and began writing in the French language. Martha puts into song the poem “They break the world” by Boris Vian on the occasion of the Spring of poets 2020.

During the confinement of March 2020, Martha composed her first repertoire in French. Thus was the result of his first album “ESSENTIEL”.

Martha’s music, soft and throbbing, invites the listener to move in a world conducive to meditation. His piano melodies soothe, carry.

His sometimes high-pitched, sometimes serious song gives life to a poetic universe drawing its energy from the power of rock. The themes of hope and love are central to this.