Marthe is a French composer, author and performer of pop and triphop songs written mainly in English, which she accompanies to the piano. Since 2017, she work on the recording and production of her first album, composed for piano-voice, guitar, strings, and electronic drums.

Marthe essentially writes songs to inspire people to build a better life and act towards their success and personal balance. Through the piano’s flowing melodies and inspirational lyrics, the compositions are constructed with the aim of arousing in the listener a sense of well-being and surpassing oneself.

The resonances of the piano invite to enter into serenity. The gradual rise of melodic phrases, especially with string melodies, brings the listener to an emotional release. The lyrics of Marthe’s songs encourage listeners to take action to realize their dreams, and find a better balance of life.

Since 2018, the lyrics are tinged naturally with a spiritual dimension, Marthe considering faith as the compass that gives direction and support in action.

Marthe currently performs as part of open stages, and private parties in Paris, mostly accompanied by guitarist David Wallace. She can also occur solo or accompanied by other musicians.