Martha sings the poem They break the world of Boris Vian

Boris Vian’s poem “They Break the World” was unveiled on 10 March 2020, the birthday of Boris Vian. During the march 2020 confinement, Martha set the poem to music as part of her participation in the 12th edition of the Andrée Chedid Prize for Sung Poem, during the Spring of Poets.

In repeating this poem, Martha composed a piano-voice song, with slightly dark tones while hinting at notes of light and hope.

I discovered the poem “They break the
Boris Vian’s world during the period
Containment. The context was quite
suitable for singing on the theme of
courage, a resource we all have
need in these complex times.

I was touched by the courage of the character
mentioned by Boris Vian, who faced his situation
distress, and with the love it seems
devoting to everything, in my view, testifies to the
faith in life in all circumstances.

Martha, 16/06/2020

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