Marthe, Live session at Le Lutèce May 20, 2021

Marthe performed on stage during a concert filmed on May 20, 2021 at Le Lutèce in Rouen, in partnership with Paris Normandie channel and Normandie Pianos Musique. She presented four tracks from her future album, called “Essentiel”, accompanied by Yannick Trotoux and David Turle on piano. The album is currently being recorded.

Marthe. Live at The Lutèce, Rouen. May 20, 2021

Crowfunding campaign Essentiel album

To thank the 500 followers on her Facebook page and on the occasion of her 34th birthday, Marthe launched a crowdfunding campaign for the realization of her debut album, “Essential”. A piano-voice album of nine tracks, with a few touches of double bass, very inspired by English pop.
The campaign provides different rewards for contributors (digital album, autographed album, handwritten poem of the artist, private concert, and even a possibility to compose a song with Marthe!)

The campaign runs until December 21, 2020. Enjoy!

All the details to find on the page:

Martha sings the poem They break the world of Boris Vian

Boris Vian’s poem “They Break the World” was unveiled on 10 March 2020, the birthday of Boris Vian. During the march 2020 confinement, Martha set the poem to music as part of her participation in the 12th edition of the Andrée Chedid Prize for Sung Poem, during the Spring of Poets.

In repeating this poem, Martha composed a piano-voice song, with slightly dark tones while hinting at notes of light and hope.

I discovered the poem “They break the
Boris Vian’s world during the period
Containment. The context was quite
suitable for singing on the theme of
courage, a resource we all have
need in these complex times.

I was touched by the courage of the character
mentioned by Boris Vian, who faced his situation
distress, and with the love it seems
devoting to everything, in my view, testifies to the
faith in life in all circumstances.

Martha, 16/06/2020

Concert at The Cave à Bières 14/12/2019

Martha performed in concert on 14/12/2019 at the Cave à bières, a renowned artistic venue in Le Havre, invited by artist Pierre Lenoir Vaquero. She chose a piano voice format and was accompanied by a guitarist on a song co-written in French. She also performed a title on auto-harp.

The audience came in numbers. Among the people she collaborated with were “Something is gone,” “I won’t wait” and “How beautiful your works are.” His repertoire consisted of seven titles specially selected for the occasion, written or co-written in English and French.

Photo: © Philippe Breard

MARTHE and David Wallace – Live at Entrepôt Concerts, Paris

In an almost religious atmosphere, MARTHE has interpreted several compositions, “Intensity of life”, as well as “Another day” accompanied by the guitarist David Wallace, on March 12, 2018, at the Entrepôt-Concerts in Paris.

MARTHE played on a magnificent ivory white ivory grand piano of the stage Entrepot – Concerts. The melodies and resonances of the piano have been enhanced with guitarist David Wallace through atmospheric electric effects.

Photo credits : Thomas Gueriguen